JIT inbound from scratch proccess IMG

First of all we’ll create a plant, and then – sales organization:

SPRO > Enterprise structure > Definition > Define, copy, delete, check sales organization


Checking SPRO – step by step:

Creating Reconciliation Account in General Ledger (FS00):

In OX19 please assign Control area to Control company (new entries).

Now we will create customer for JIT proccess, t-code XD01, on the tab page “Unloading points” enter an unloading point:

On the “Sales area data > Shipping” select the indicator Order combination.

On the tab page Partner Functions enter a Partner Description. If you want to enter other goods recipients, make an entry in the table.


Then you have created a JIS system partner profile (t-code WE20).

Next step – is to creating a couple of component group material (KMAT):

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