• Q: „The external status information that was transferred cannot be converted“
    A: So, no such external status in img/Logistics Execution/JIT Inbound/call control/Define External Status and Internal Processing Status
  • Q: Which user profile parameters can be used to manage JITM?
    JITM_DAYS_PAST – Selection Period: Start Calendar Days Before Today’s Date
    JITM_DAYS_FUTURE – Selection Period: End Calendar Days After Today’s Date
    JITM_PARMS – Initial Variant JITM (or -Type ‚T‘ / ‚Y‘ / ‚C‘)
    JIT_SELECT_LIMIT – JIT Data Selection Limit at Components Group Level
  • Q: What does mean JITOM error JITOUT836?
    A: In case of attemtion to create WMS transfer order, it means that material are not in the right storage bin.
  • Q: S2L/JITOM says „No corresponding entry in table T001L“
    A: It means, that no storage location vendor could be determined. You have to maintain vendor for the storage location using V_JIT_T001L view (table T001L can be accessed via numerous SPRO trees, depending on your current project – to find all these trees, which uses the table/view, press here „Customizing“ and continue w/o specifying project). Direct transaction is OJIT54 (or S_KA5_12000876)
  • Q: JITOM says „Role DP/LW not defined in master record for vendor XXXXXX.“
    A: Add corresponding role DP (delivering plant) in partner functions using XK02 for this vendor
  • Q: Material XX occurs several times in components group YY
    A: In IDoc, material has been specified for compenents group more than once.