What is a JIT call (Just in time call, Feinabruf)?

JIT call-offs (in opposite to forecast delivery schedules) are used for orders (detailed to minutes) to get deliveries from a vendor. With mentioned supplier should exist a document named Contract with deliveries schedule. Usually, the times sent to supplier are firmed and can no longer be changed. In the automotive industry JIT calls are handled by EDI and sent with the EDI message format according to VDA4915.

Translated from Wikipedia.

The JIT concept was described by Henry Ford in his 1923 book, My Life and Work:

We have found in buying materials that it is not worthwhile to buy for other than immediate needs. We buy only enough to fit into the plan of production, taking into consideration the state of transportation at the time. If transportation were perfect and an even flow of materials could be assured, it would not be necessary to carry any stock whatsoever. The carloads of raw materials would arrive on schedule and in the planned order and amounts, and go from the railway cars into production. That would save a great deal of money, for it would give a very rapid turnover and thus decrease the amount of money tied up in materials.

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