JIT outbound actions

The action is a part of call control. The action carries out a logistical or a technical function for a components group, for example the posting of a goods receipt. You can define in which internal processing status of the components group an action is permitted and which internal processing status the components group should obtain after the action is carried out. Actions can be triggered by:

  • the receipt of a JIT call by EDI
  • a user dialog in the system, for example in Outbound JIT Monitoring (transaction JITOM)

JITOM transaction:


    • You define the possible actions in Customizing for JIT Outbound. You can use the actions provided as standard or define your own actions.
    • If the actions you have defined yourself
        • simply cause a change in the internal processing status, you can enter them in Customizing in the table.
        • trigger a function, as well as changing the internal processing status, you can use a Business Add-In (BadI).
      • You define the possible actions in Customizing for JIT Outbound. Internal actions are not visible in Outbound JIT Monitoring.
      • In Customizing, you also determine whether an action is relevant to the inbound process, to the outbound process or to both processes. JIT calls relevant to the inbound process are only displayed in Monitoring Inbound. JIT calls relevant to the outbound process are only displayed in Monitoring Outbound.
      • For summarized JIT calls outbound, actions are only relevant to the outbound process and are therefore only displayed in the Monitoring Outbound.
      • For sequenced JIT calls, actions are relevant to the inbound and the outbound processes, that is, they can be displayed in the inbound and the outbound monitoring.
      • You can also interlink actions in Customizing. The system then carries out two or more actions together.


The system provides the following actions as standard
(the code of actions kept in the functional modules):



OAPP Add components group to JIT call outbound The system adds a components group to a summarized JIT call, that already exists in a summarized JIT call with the same material. Both components groups differ only in quantity and date.
JIT calls to which a components group can be added must:

  • contain the same material
  • not yet have been sent
  • be suitable with regard to timing

Should these conditions not be fulfilled, a new JIT call is created using the action OCRE.

OARC Archiving JIT Calls Outbound In archiving, the system selects only those JIT calls/components groups, whose internal processing status permits this action.
You can trigger archiving from transaction JITOA, however, not from Monitoring.
OCGR Reverse goods receipt The system cancels the material document. The status of the components group is set to the subsequent status you have defined. You can repost the goods receipt.
OCRE Create JIT calls outbound The system creates the call in the system and arranges it in the call structure. This action is triggered by a sequenced JIT call inbound for sequenced JIT calls outbound and manually using transaction PK23 for summarized JIT calls outbound.
This action only creates a new message record – no new IDoc is sent.
ODLC Send delivery confirmation for JIT calls outbound You send the delivery confirmation in transaction ODLC. This transaction triggers action ODLC.
After this action, the system sets the indicator showing that the delivery confirmation has been sent in the Outbound Monitoring.
ODLI Create delivery for summarized JIT call outbound (for stock transfer) The system creates a delivery, to which it adds the call components of the component groups selected.
This delivery is important for the creation of the transfer order which you need for an internal stock transfer within your plant.
OFIN Close components group outbound The system sets the status asclosed for this call outbound/components group.
OGRE Post goods receipt for JIT outbound The system posts the goods receipt for the JIT call outbound.
The goods receipt is posted cumulatively per material and supplier.
OMOD Modify JIT calls outbound The system changes the total call outbound.
This action only creates a new message record – no IDoc is sent at this stage.
OREO Delete JIT call outbound The system deletes the call from the database.
OREP Repeat send of outbound messages You use this action in emergencies, should any technical problems arise. The call is resent.
OSDD Send outbound message — process With this action, a message is sent for selected components groups if a message record exists for these components groups.
OSDP Send outbound call: create message You need this action for actionsOCRE and OMOD. In these two actions, action OSDP is carried out automatically by the system.
OSHP Process payment advice for outbound call. As soon as you have received the payment advice, the status of the sequenced JIT call is updated.


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