S2L – save planning mode on jitcall

S2L allows 4 modes of planning, defined and used during jit calls creation. These four modes are described as a type s2l_planning_mode (type c):

  • initial – s2l_no_planning
  • 1 – s2l_plan_by_wish_qty – use replenishment quantity entered at segment level
  • 2 – s2l_plan_suggest_keep_firmed – automatically create plan but keep firmed quantities
  • 3 – s2l_plan_suggest_all – automatically create plan.

Selecting „Change mode with Replenishment Proposals“ will set planning mode to „3“ (s2l_plan_suggest_all):

The task is to mark the created jitcalls depends on the used planning mode („auto/manual“), so it means to save the mode value into the JITOIT table (JITOCO struture appendix) additional z-field.

S2L has few enhancements:

  • S2P_PLNG_SEG_EXTEN (transaction S_KA5_12001164)
  • S2P_PLNG_ITEM_EXTEN (transaction S_KA5_12001165)
  • S2P_GROUP_PLNG_ITEMS (transaction S_KA5_12001166)
  • S2P_PLN_CALC_FACTORY (transaction S_KA5_12001167)
  • S2P_PROPOSAL_CREATOR (transaction S_KA5_12001168)
  • S2P_PSEG_CTR_FACTORY (transaction S_KA5_12001169)

So, after adding the appends YYS2LMODE into JITOCO and PKHD we implementing classic BAdI Interface IF_EX_S2L_PLN_CALC_FACTORY:

Because of ccy_ctrl->pkhd_ref is declared as RO (read only) attribute and can be changed only within the class – I’ve enhanced class interface CL_PKHD_DB_PK with metod

which called above.

The field pkhd-yys2lmode will be move corresponding into JITOCO (JITOIT).

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