Der Tagessammellieferschein

Daily Delivery Note / Tages-Sammel-Lieferschein (TSL) EDIFACT RECADV

Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and SEAT transmit the EDIFACT-message type RECADV (TSL) alternatively to the Daily Delivery Note (Tages-Sammel-Lieferschein) in VDA format 4913. The RECADV (TSL) is used like the VDA 4913

  • in the JiT-delivery process,
  • and with deliveries responding to Kanban-Calls.

In one transmission file a separate TSL is created for each goods recipient (destination factory). Deliveries responding JiT-sequence calls, JiT backlog orders and Kanban calls are also sent in one file but revealed in separate delivery notes with special delivery note numbers. If necessary several delivery notes can be created for a process type or for a destination factory. Different types of deliveries may be processed in different streams on suppliers side.

The range for delivery note numbers has to be aggreed on in advance between supplier and the responsible person for TSLs at VW/Audi/Skoda/SEAT. The invoicing process is based on these agreed delivery note numbers. The RECADV with the framing segments UNH and UNT is repeated for each Daily Delivery (delivery note number in SG 1, RFF, DE 1154). Differencing identifiers for processes are set in SG 1, RFF, DE 1154:

  • AAK = TSL-Delivery note no. with Kanban,
  • AAU = TSL- Delivery note no. with JiT – PAB (Sequence orders),
  • ALO = TSL- Delivery note no. with JiT-Backlog orders,

The VW- Daily Delivery Note in EDIFACT-RECADV D97A format is constructed by Volkswagen / Audi / Škoda / SEAT without reverting to an Odette-Subset. An Odette-Subset was not available when this guide was constructed.